CNN’s Beijing 2022 Olympic event guide: Figure skating

Figure skating is the oldest event at the Winter Olympics. The event first debuted at the London Summer Games in 1908, and again in the 1920 Summer Games in Antwerp, before it was permanently moved to the Winter Olympic program.

Each competition incorporates a long and short routine, within which athletes receive two sets of scores – the program component score and the technical element score. The program component element is mainly determined by presentation, while the technical category assesses the complexity displayed in a routine, for example, spins and jumps.

Even though the Dutch developed figure skating, the sport has been enjoyed by fans the world over, including Marie Antoinette and the 19th century French emperor Napoleon III.

There will be five medals for the taking across five figure skating events at Beijing 2022. The events are as follows: the men’s singles, women’s singles, pairs, the ice dance and the team event.

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